Fall 2014 CAP Student Update

What’s your latest news?  Fill in the blanks!

David Bradley — back in Chapel Hill working at Barnes & Noble
Patrick Heenan — analyst at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Embedded Systems Department
Blaine Heffron — started nuclear physics research in masters program at the University of Tennessee in fall 2014
David Hendel — grad student in astrophysics at Columbia
Christian Johnson — grad student in particle astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz
Greg MacCabe — grad student in physics at Caltech, runs physics blog www.LogicalTightrope.com
Ben Ryan — grad student in astrophysics at the University of Illinois

Chris Bradfield — spent a year abroad in Edinburgh; switched majors to CS, completed Masters in CS at UNC in 2015
Kirsten Hall — did senior honors thesis with RESOLVE survey team; started astrophysics grad school at Johns Hopkins; co-authored paper on quasar feedback; named Space Fellow at JHU
Kat Khvostova — Masters candidate at Space Policy Institute at George Washington University specializing in international business development in space; simultaneously working at NanoRacks, Inc. as business development assistant for both commercial space experiments and student projects; on board of directors for Space Frontier Foundation
Carol Knight — completed ROTC; getting MD through Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Shawn Muslim — finished MS in Environmental, Earth and Geo-spatial Sciences in spring 2015; featured in Physics Today after winning award at the National Society of Black Physicists Meeting in February 2015
Zack Phillips — research scientist at Duke, started PhD in Applied Science & Technology at UC Berkeley working on incorporating computational illumination into existing microscope designs
Ben Rardin — working at a community health center in Raleigh, spent last two years conducting neurophysiological research on autism, will enter med school in fall 2016
Ari Zitin — grad student in physics at UC Berkeley

Grad Assistant Brian Pohl: defended PhD thesis at UNC in spring 2015; now working on lab and demo equipment for the UNC Physics & Astronomy Department

Joseph Aicher — returned in summer 2014 to work with Russ Taylor and co-authored paper built on code based on REU work; defended and published master’s thesis in math, entered MD/PhD program at UPenn in fall 2015 with PhD in genomics and computational biology; married Bernadette and bought a house (!)
Jared Compiano — attended Berkeley REU in comp sci; on the Unified Contact Center Express team at Cisco Systems in the RTP area
Steve Harrellson — attended Columbia University REU at Nevis Lab (biology/radiation physics project); started physics grad school at Columbia in fall 2015 doing research in biophysics
Trevor LaMountain — final paper for CAP published in December 2013 issue of the Bard Science Journal; applied physics grad student at Northwestern; received Ryan Fellowship for nanoscience research
Katrina Litke — did senior thesis on galaxy dynamics at UIUC; started astrophysics grad school at U. of Arizona in fall 2015
Andrew Loheac — continued research with Joaquin Drut; grad student in physics at UNC; won NSF Fellowship; published first-author paper (among several papers) derived from REU work
Angelica Rivera — attended Keck Consortium REU in astrophysics; astrophysics grad student at Drexel University
Helen Warner — graduated spring 2015 with degrees in Physics and Biochemistry with a minor in Mathematics, currently doing data analysis for healthcare and economic consulting firm in D.C.; considering doing clinical research in coming year and planning to apply to med school & PhD programs in pharmacology next year
Asher Wasserman — won Goldwater; completed senior thesis at Rutgers collaborating w/ S. Kannappan; in astrophysics grad school at UC Santa Cruz since fall 2015 doing research on globular cluster systems around galaxies
Laura Wendlandt — interned with Amazon; grad student in computer science & engineering at the University of Michigan

Grad Assistant Zane Beckwith: finished PhD; worked for a group under Lime Brokerage writing high-performance C++ code to connect traders to market data sources and to exchanges; hoping to head back to NC soon

Tara Aida — completed senior honors thesis in math and will graduate in May 2016; expanded start-up she co-founded (www.coursicle.com) to 100 schools, planning to work full time this summer on it at a startup accelerator that will invest in the company
Casey Berger — attended Grace Hopper, CUWiP, and APS conferences; first-authored article based on CAP work in Phys Rev A; first-year grad student in physics at UNC since fall 2015 on DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship and Royster Fellowship
Charlie Bonfield — second-year grad student at UNC; pursuing computational condensed matter research
Tom Day — conducted undergraduate research at Lafayette on heart rate variability, with goal of producing a diagnostic and prognostic software tool for doctors; Captain of Track & Field team; entering grad school in fall 2016 to study physics of complex systems
David Gier — nominated for Goldwater Scholarship at KU;  did research in complex systems in an REU program at UC Davis in summer 2015; won NSF Fellowship; will attend TBD grad school in physics in fall 2016
Darius Jefferson — finished BS in computer science engineering at Norfolk State; president of gaming club; starting Masters in electrical engineering staying at Norfolk State
Luke Kachelein — graduated in spring 2015; won Fulbright to study photonic physics in Germany; attending Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego in fall 2016
Kevin Montes — attended REU conference with Alex Burant; performed optics research in the Optics in the City of Light IREU Program in Paris, France in summer 2015; attending TBD physics grad school in fall 2016
Kate Storey-Fisher — did computational astrophysics/cosmology research in the American Museum of Natural History REU in summer 2015 and presented results at the 2016 AAS Meeting; will graduate spring 2016 then do a one-year research masters at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa before applying to grad school
William Thompson — attended 4th Joint Meeting of the Nuclear Divisions of the APS and the Physical Society of Japan; started grad school in physics at Yale in fall 2015
Amy Turner — studied turtle retinas using multi electrode arrays; attended international REU in Scotland in summer 2015 to work on ion beam coatings for gravitational wave research; after graduating in spring 2016 will do engineering research for Seagate in a gap year before grad school

Grad Assistant Erik Forseth: defending PhD at UNC in April 2016; accepted job at hedge fund in Connecticut, Graham Capital Management

Avery Bailey — going to Princeton for grad school in astronomy in fall 2016
Ashley Bittner — finishing senior thesis research on black holes in dwarf blue E/S0 galaxies; planning to pursue computational environmental engineering in graduate school
Tyler Daugherty — will spend summer in Mass General Hospital/HST Summer Institute in Biomedical Optics, then will pursue MD-PhD
Alex Davis — presented CAP REU research at Samford Summer Research Symposium; will participate in another REU and pursue grad school in physics after graduating in December 2017
Josh Horowitz — worked on undergraduate research in nuclear astrophysics (setting up instrumentation for meteorite radiation lab); will spend summer 2016 working at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center to calibrate meteor speed detection cameras
Tyler LeBlond — publishing senior thesis as first-author paper; staying at RPI for Masters in physics while deciding on direction for graduate school
Ian Luebbers — presented poster on CAP REU research at 2016 AAS meeting; has draft of paper on this research almost ready for journal submission; spending summer in UK
Christine Ray — presented poster on CAP REU research at the 2016 AAS meeting; completing senior thesis on gravitational lensing; attending TBD grad school in astrophysics/planetary science/space science in fall 2016
Sarah Roberts — studying abroad at U. of Edinburgh; presented CAP research at Juniata; will attend Nuclear Forensics Undergraduate Summer School in 2016
Aaron Scheets — wrote senior thesis on Navier Stokes python module, entering grad school in computational science or engineering or getting a job
Joseph Smith — applied for grad school
Emily Woolard — presented CAP research at Taste of Research event at Meredith College

Grad Assistant Katie Eckert: finishing PhD at UNC, starting astro/cosmology postdoc at U Penn in summer 2016

End of the Summer

Now that it’s August, the CAP-REU program has ended, and the students have returned home. They’re off to take the experiences they had this summer and do amazing things.

First Post

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